How to check the Insomnia REST API client version?

Insomnia is a popular open-source desktop application designed for testing and debugging RESTful APIs. It provides a user-friendly and feature-rich interface that allows developers and testers to send HTTP requests, view responses, and inspect API behavior. Key features of Insomnia include support for various authentication methods, code generation for API requests, environment variables for managing different API configurations, and the ability to organize and save API requests into workspaces. Insomnia helps streamline the API development and testing process, making it easier to work with and understand how APIs function.

To check the version of Insomnia REST Client, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch Insomnia: Open the Insomnia REST Client application on your computer.
  2. Check the Menu Bar:
    • On Windows: Look at the top-left corner of the Insomnia window. You should see “File” and other menu items.
    • On macOS: The menu bar is at the top of the screen, and you should see “Insomnia” listed as one of the options.
    • On Linux: Depending on your desktop environment, the menu bar may be integrated into the top panel. Look for “Insomnia” or “File” there.
  3. View the Version: Click on “Help” or “About” in the menu bar (the exact name may vary depending on your operating system). A window or dialog box should open, displaying information about the Insomnia version you have installed. The version number is usually prominently displayed.
  4. Check the Documentation: If you have access to Insomnia documentation or release notes, you can refer to those resources. They often include version information and details about the latest updates and features.
  5. Check the Insomnia Website: You can also visit the official Insomnia website or the GitHub repository for Insomnia. These sources often provide information about the latest version and release notes.

Once you’ve located the version number, you’ll have a clear understanding of which version of Insomnia REST Client is installed on your system.

Insomnia vs Postman which is better?

Insomnia and Postman are both powerful tools for API development and testing, each with its strengths and ideal use cases. The choice between them ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.


  • Ideal for individuals and small teams who prioritize simplicity and a clean, intuitive interface.
  • It’s open-source, which makes it cost-effective and customizable.
  • Insomnia offers excellent support for GraphQL APIs and environment variables for managing different API configurations.
  • Its native desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux provide a consistent user experience across platforms.
  • Great for quick API testing and debugging without the need for extensive collaboration or automated testing features.


  • Better suited for larger teams and complex projects that require extensive collaboration, automation, and monitoring.
  • Offers advanced features like automated testing, mock server creation, and in-depth reporting.
  • Excellent for organizing API requests and tests using collections and workspaces.
  • Enables team collaboration with shared collections and collaboration workspaces.
  • Has a vast community and marketplace for finding pre-built API collections and integrations, enhancing productivity.

Ultimately, the choice depends on the scale and complexity of your API development needs. For simplicity and individual use, Insomnia may suffice, while Postman excels in larger, collaborative, and automation-driven scenarios.