Check Angular Material Versions – Update, and Downgrade

Angular Material, a comprehensive UI component library, is a crucial asset in web development. This detailed tutorial will guide you through checking your Angular Material version, offering insights into updating to the latest version and downgrading when necessary.

Checking Your Angular Material Version

1. Access the Command Line:

Open your terminal or command prompt to embark on the version discovery journey.

2. Invoke Angular Material Version:

Type the command ng list @angular/material and press Enter. Witness the revelation of your current Angular Material version.

3. Take Note:

Make a note of the displayed version for future reference.

Updating to the Latest Version

1. Visit the Official Angular Material GitHub Repository:

Navigate to the official Angular Material GitHub repository at

2. Explore “Releases” Section:

Explore the repository and head to the “Releases” section to find information about the latest version.

3. Update Angular Material:

In your project directory, run the command ng update @angular/material. This installs the latest version compatible with your project.

4. Verification:

Check your project to confirm that the update was successful and didn’t introduce any breaking changes.

Downgrading Angular Material Version

1. Check Compatibility:

Visit the official Angular Material GitHub repository to check the compatibility of different versions with your project.

2. Downgrade Command:

Run the command ng update @angular/material@<desired_version> to install a specific version.

3. Verification:

Ensure the downgrade was successful by checking your project and running tests.

Final Note for More Information

For additional details and official updates, refer to the official Angular Material documentation at

Why Manage Versions?

  1. New Features and Fixes:
    Stay informed about the latest features, enhancements, and bug fixes introduced in each Angular Material version.
  2. Compatibility Assurance:
    Regularly updating ensures compatibility with the latest Angular and Angular Material features.
  3. Security Patches:
    Keep your project secure by staying up-to-date with the latest security patches released in newer versions.

By mastering version management, you empower your Angular Material-based projects with the latest features, improvements, and security updates. Stay informed, stay powerful!