How to Check PyTorch Version

Understanding the version of PyTorch you are using is not only essential for basic compatibility but also crucial for making the most of the latest features and optimizations. In this comprehensive tutorial, we will delve into multiple methods to thoroughly examine your PyTorch installation.

Method 1: Using the Command Line

Opening your terminal or command prompt, you can use the following command to gain detailed insights into your PyTorch installation:

This command not only provides the version but also reveals comprehensive details about your PyTorch setup, including its dependencies.

Method 2: Checking in Python Environment

Verifying the PyTorch version within a Python environment is a fundamental step. Execute the following code in a Python script, interactive session, or a Jupyter Notebook:

This simple code imports PyTorch and prints the version, enabling you to seamlessly integrate version checks into your Python workflows.

Method 3: Inspecting PyTorch Build Information

For a deeper understanding of your PyTorch installation, especially if you have it in a virtual environment, activate the environment and run the following commands:

These commands offer an in-depth look into the PyTorch build, providing details about its version, CUDA version (if applicable), and other crucial information.

Why Check PyTorch Version?

  1. Compatibility Assurance:
    Verifying the PyTorch version ensures that your code is compatible with the installed library, avoiding unexpected issues during execution.
  2. Feature Utilization:
    Being aware of the PyTorch version allows you to leverage the latest features and optimizations introduced in newer releases.
  3. Debugging and Issue Resolution:
    Detailed version information is invaluable when seeking assistance in forums or reporting issues, as it provides a complete snapshot of your PyTorch environment.
  4. CUDA Compatibility (If Using GPU):
    If you are utilizing GPU acceleration with PyTorch, checking the CUDA version in the build information ensures compatibility with your GPU drivers.

By incorporating these thorough methods, you not only check the PyTorch version but also gain deeper insights into the build details. This level of understanding is particularly beneficial for developers, researchers, and data scientists who rely on PyTorch for their machine learning and deep learning projects. Stay informed, stay compatible, and unlock the full potential of PyTorch with comprehensive version checking.