How to Check ChatGPT Version

Checking the version of ChatGPT, especially when interacting with it through a web-based interface, may require different approaches. Below is a tutorial that covers both API-based and web-based scenarios:

Part 1: Checking ChatGPT Version via OpenAI API

Option 1: Include Version in API Request Headers

  1. Include Version in Headers:
  • If you are interacting with ChatGPT via the OpenAI API, check if the API allows you to specify the model version in the request headers.

Option 2: Check API Documentation

  1. API Documentation:
  • Refer to the OpenAI API documentation for ChatGPT. It may provide information about how to include or retrieve the model version in your API requests.

Part 2: Checking ChatGPT Version via Web Interface

Option 1: Look for Version Information in the Web Interface

  1. Explore Interface:
  • Check the web interface you’re using for any information about the ChatGPT version. This might be available in a settings section or near the model input area.
  1. Footer or About Page:
  • Explore the footer or an “About” page on the web interface. Some platforms include version information in these sections.
  1. Inspect Web Page Source Code:
  • If you’re comfortable with web development tools, inspect the web page source code. Look for meta tags, comments, or scripts that may contain version information.

Option 2: Contact Web Interface Support

  1. Contact Support:
  • If version information is not visible on the web interface, check if there’s a support channel or contact information for the web service. They may provide details about the ChatGPT version.

Option 3: Community Discussions

  1. Check Community Forums:
  • Explore community forums related to the web interface. Users or moderators might share information about updates, including version changes.


In this tutorial, we covered multiple approaches to check the version of ChatGPT, considering both API-based and web-based interactions. The specific methods can vary based on the platform or interface you are using. Remember to refer to the relevant documentation or community discussions for the most accurate and up-to-date information. If you have direct access to the OpenAI API, including the model version in the API request headers is a reliable way to specify the desired ChatGPT version.