How to check Angular/CLI Version Update and Downgrade

Angular/CLI, a key player in web development, deserves your attention. This tutorial guides you on how to check your Angular/CLI version, along with insights on updating to the latest version and downgrading when needed.

Checking Your Angular/CLI Version

1. Access the Command Line:

Open your terminal or command prompt to embark on the version discovery journey.

2. Invoke Angular/CLI Version:

Type the command ng --version and press Enter. Witness the revelation of your current Angular/CLI version.

3. Take Note:

Make a note of the displayed version for future reference.

Updating to the Latest Version

1. Visit the Official Angular Website:

Navigate to the official Angular website at

2. Explore “CLI” Section:

Delve into the website and explore the “CLI” section to find information about the latest version.

3. Update Angular/CLI:

In your terminal, run the command npm install -g @angular/cli@latest. This installs the latest version globally.

4. Verification:

Type ng --version again to confirm the successful update.

Downgrading Angular/CLI Version

1. Check Compatibility:

Visit the official Angular website to check the compatibility of your project with different Angular/CLI versions.

2. Downgrade Command:

Run the command npm install -g @angular/cli@<desired_version> to install a specific version.

3. Verification:

Ensure the downgrade was successful by running ng --version.

Note for More Information

For additional details and official updates, refer to the official Angular website at

Why Manage Versions?

  1. Feature Unveiling:
    Stay abreast of new features and enhancements brought by the latest Angular/CLI versions.
  2. Security Measures:
    Ensure your projects are equipped with the latest security updates by staying updated.
  3. Compatibility Assurance:
    Choose the version that aligns with your project’s compatibility requirements for a seamless development experience.

By mastering version management, you empower your Angular/CLI projects with the latest advancements and maintain compatibility. Stay informed, stay powerful!