How can I check the Spotify version?

Spotify is a popular music streaming service that allows users to access a vast library of songs, podcasts, and playlists. Users can listen to music on-demand, create personalized playlists, discover new music, and follow their favorite artists.

To check the version of Spotify installed on your computer or mobile device, follow these steps:

For Desktop (Windows and Mac):

  1. Open Spotify: Launch the Spotify application on your computer.
  2. Access the “Help” Menu: Look for the menu bar at the top of the Spotify window (on Mac, it may be located at the top-left corner of the screen). Click on “Spotify” to open the dropdown menu.
  3. Check for “About Spotify”: In the dropdown menu, you should see an option called “About Spotify” or “About.” Click on it.
  4. View the Version Information: A new window or pop-up will appear displaying information about your Spotify installation, including the version number. The version number will be listed at the top of this window, typically in the format “Spotify [Version Number].”
  5. Close the Window: After checking the version number, you can close the “About Spotify” window.

For Mobile Devices (Android and iOS):

  1. Open Spotify: Launch the Spotify app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Access the “Settings” Menu: Tap on the “Settings” icon, usually represented by a gear-shaped icon, located either in the top-right corner (iOS) or the top-left corner (Android) of the Spotify app.
  3. Check for “About” or “About Spotify”: In the “Settings” menu, look for an option called “About” or “About Spotify.”
  4. View the Version Information: Tapping on “About” or “About Spotify” will show you the version number of the Spotify app installed on your mobile device.

Please note that the exact steps and menu names might vary slightly depending on the version of Spotify you are using and your device’s operating system, but the general process remains the same.